Matt. 22:1-14

While this sermon does not come out of Ephesians, it is indirectly related to the previous sermon, so it is being filed within the series.

The series was paused after a member of the church asked for clearer teaching about the common Evangelical practice of Invitation Time - or "Altar Call." The member wondered if church attenders, both locally and elsewhere, may not be certain who should respond to such an invitation, and under what circumstances. Drawing on principles found in the Parable of the Wedding Banquet, Pastor Trevor suggests that God's Invitation is first for those who are closest to the King, and secondarily for new or non-believers. If this conclusion seems unusual to you, or inconsistent with your church's understanding, this message provides rationale for a practice of Invitation that will build up the Church, AND create a church culture that will feed the hunger in the community around her.