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Eph. 1:15-23

This passage contains another prayer of Paul for the Church. He prays for us to have, simply put, the power to KNOW. While the NIV translation uses the word "know" twice - once in v. 17 and again in v. 18, there are two distinct words in the Greek, and they describe two different kinds of knowing. Paul prays for us to know ABOUT God; His qualities and His blessings for us as His children. But he also prays that we will know God Himself, as is only possible through a personal relationship. God wants to be known in both ways. Pastor Trevor shares part of his own journey toward knowing God beyond theology, "God words," to actually enjoying the presence of God through Christ Jesus.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, audio is not available for this sermon. Please see the attached .pdf file of the manuscript if you would like to review the sermon content.