Eph. 3:10; 4:14-16, 4:32-5:2

This message has the daunting task of fading out of the Body Systems series, back into the Ephesians book series, and honouring mothers on Mother's Day! Pastor Trevor draws on the verses in this portion of Scripture that talk about Love (and will go back to talk about Sin for the three weeks to follow). Some virtues within the Christian life seem often to be identified with weakness, such as compassion, forgiveness, and even motherhood. But these verses remind us that these qualities, which come from God's love, both demand and demonstrate real power. Love is the divine fuel and force of the Church. Love is more than a feeling or even a premise; it is the source of all things good. This message opens and closes with the reminder that when people act in mercy, compassion, patience and forgiveness, they are exerting the same power that Jesus did on the Cross, and they are even waging spiritual warfare!