Eph. 5:31-33; Gen. 2:18-24

This message comes out of the same text as in the previous week – Ephesians 5:21-33 – but zeroes in on v. 31, because this verse directs us to the source material for understanding God’s plan for marriage: Genesis 2. The purpose of this message is to ask and answer the question, Can two men or two women paint the same Gospel picture if they are joined in marriage? This is a reasonable question for our culture to ask, and Christ’s Church needs a loving and systematic explanation for why gay marriage fails to paint the Gospel picture. Well worth 30 minutes of listening for Christians to understand, and be able to explain, WHY the definition of marriage is inalterable, and why the Church’s objection to homosexuality is not only un-hateful, but the most loving thing we can do from our frame of reference. The message begins and ends with the solemn call for Christians to search their heart for any perception or bias against the gay community that may keep them from speaking the Truth in Love.