Trevor Schaffrick
August 9, 2020
Trevor Schaffrick
Lead Pastor


Genesis 41:15-36

In keeping with Pastor Trevor's assumption that another world crisis will likely interrupt church life in the next few years (and likely bring permanent change), this message is meant to encourage believers to make lifestyle changes which will help them weather that impending crisis. And what better Scripture to consult with this concern than Genesis 41, when Joseph is counselling Pharaoh to be wise and conservative with his surplus, n light of the impending famine? Pharaoh's main advantage in that crisis was not surplus; likely other nearby nations also enjoyed the seven year of abundance as well. Pharaoh's advantage was FORESIGHT; that he could recognize that the prosperous years were not a time to live more comfortably, rather to prepare for the discomfort that was forthcoming. The Bible offers the same unique advantage to believers. While the prevailing culture assumes progress, we assume decay, and that ought to prepare us for harder times as we draw nearer the end of time.